How to Get Out of Twitter Jail?

Well before learning ways how to get out Twitter Jail. Let’s learn what is Twitter Jail and tricks and tips to not enter into the Twitter Jail in the first place. Twitter Jail is meant to limit the people trying to mass tweet people as a spam. In a way Twitter Jail filters the user to avoid strain on the servers. Now in order to stay in the good books of Twitter so that you don’t have to go in Twitter Jail you must follow the rules mentioned below.

Twitter Jail

Twitter Jail Rules:


     1.  Do not send more than 250 direct messages each day.

  1. Your tweets should not cross the limit of 1,000 per day.
  1. In an hour you shouldn’t change your account email address 4 times.
  1. Your tweets may not exceed 1,000 per hour.
  1. In a day do not follow more than 1,000 people.

If you don’t abide even one of the rules mentioned above, you get in Twitter  Jail. Twitter sends a message and temporarily puts you in a jail which doesn’t allow you to access your twitter account.

There is no particular time slot as to how long you have to stay in Twitter Jail it varies from user to user and also depends on how strained the servers are. It mostly last for one to three hours.

When you are in Twitter Jail you receive a message from Twitter saying you have to wait for a moment as you have sent too many tweets. You may also receive a text from Twitter asking you to slow down. And if your tweets take a huge time in posting this is an indication that you are reaching the limit and might be put in jail if you continue.

In order to get out of the Jail there isn’t any way. As the Jail last for 1 to 3 hours maximum depending upon how much you tweeted. Twitter will tell you which rule has been broken by you and for how long you will be in Twitter Jail. So till the time the allotted time keeps you in Twitter Jail Go outside, read a book, do work or anything. And when you are done by that time you will out of Twitter Jail. 

Another way to get out of Twitter Jail is to stay out of Twitter Jail. There is a good service named buffer which helps you stay out of Twitter Jail. It’s an application which lets you schedule your tweets as to what time do you want post them, number of tweets you want to be posted. The buffer will do it automatically once you have fed it with the tweets along with time and frequency. By using this service you can avoid breaking the rules. And Twitter Jail is created for the safety of users to avoid any mishappening that can happen by faulty links by hackers.

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